Finally, a reliable stand-alone device for continuous conveyor agri-food cleaning: The ArmCleaner

Are you an agri-food professional?

  • A cleaning and hygiene manager
  • A team leader or a site manager
  • A sector manager in a cleaning company
  • A production-site manager
  • A quality manager
  • An environmental safety officer
  • A manufacturer of agri-food equipment
  • And all activities requiring continuous washing

The ArmCleaner can surely satisfy one of your needs

Do you need :

  • Energy savings?
  • Workforce savings on the cleaning service (internal or external)?
  • Reliability in every way, day after day, month after month, year after year?
  • To increase the reliability of bacteriological cleaning of conveyors?
  • Increase your productivity on certain products?
  • To avoid the cross contamination of 2 different products to follow?
  • To reduce or avoid occupational diseases, due to repetitive gestures (MSD)? (Musculoskeletal Disorders)
  • A particular positioning of your belt washer?
  • A device easy to operate and adjust?

The ArmCleaner is for you

What is the ArmCleaner?

  • The arm-cleaner is simply a washing arm rotating on a vertical axis mounted on rolling bearing. Its movement imitates the movement of a cleaning operator’s arm in front of a conveyor (furnace, oven, freezer …) Its wrist alternates right / left on a vertical axis, and its shoulder-arm alternately pivots on a horizontal axis. It operates autonomously with no energy other than that of the jet.
  • This assembly of the main part (the arm) on rolling bearing offers little resistance and gives a smooth and regular movement. This feature allows the Arm-Cleaner to operate starting with very low pressures: 4-5 bar. It is reliable because it is oversized (bearing D25) with little constraint : reciprocating motion. The bearings of the arm are made of HDPE 1000 which also undergo a reciprocating movement but of smaller amplitude and stress. Reliability is undoubtedly the main advantage of the Arm-Cleaner. The first devices installed more than 4 years ago have no service feedback, even on wear parts. The latter are of industrial types and are of a negligible unit cost.
  • The ArmCleaner is a belt cleaner that works with a single nozzle, calibrated to your needs.
  • The ArmCleaner has been developed with a minimum of simple parts for a flawless reliability and a good cleanability. It has been the subject of numerous tests and versions before the final product presented here and sold for over 6 years. Its return on investment is very fast. It can be very much less than 6 months.
  • The ArmCleaner is silent. All movements are absorbed by rubber stops. Only the sound of the jet of water is heard.
  • The assembly is mounted on a simple and oversized chassis. For an identical price, many possibilities of adaptation: top, bottom, between 2 strips/bands/belts (25-30cm are enough). The device can also be mounted on a mobile trolley, single trolley, multi-position trolley: many other possibilities too. (Videos).
  • The ArmCleaner can be added to a conveyor as a replacement for a device that is not or is no longer efficient. Its field of use remains mainly the agri-food (smooth conveyor, mesh, oven, freezer, …) but can quite well be used for other sectors. Its working width ranges from 30cm to more than 200cm.
  • The speed settings are very simple and are done without keys. Everything is made for a simple use, without wasting time.
  • For any information or advice, do not hesitate to leave us your contact details. We will contact you shortly. There will surely be an “Arm-Cleaner” response to your expectations !
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