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  • Do you have energy savings to achieve?
    Ex .: Hot water: switch from a multi-nozzle ramp 10x 10L / min to 1 nozzle 40L / min = GAIN: 3.6m3 / hour !! = 75m3 / month / working hour !! = Also a lesser cost of treatment. If it takes 2 passes with a multi-nozzle ramp, it will take only one with the Arm’cleaner = gain x 2.
    Electricity-Air: no consumption, the Arm’cleaner being autonomous.


  • Do you have workforce savings to achieve on the cleaning service (internal or external)?
    Example: a 1100mm width oven belt manually cleaned in 45min = (45 x 253j) / 60 = 190 hours / year !! x hourly rate 25e = 4750e / year !!. Cleaning as background task increases the perimeter of overall cleaning. In addition, the unit does not require maintenance except for the occasional lubrication of the two bearings.


  • Return on investment :
    Taking into account these 2 positions, one quickly arrives on a return on investment in less than 6 months.


  • Do you need reliable proof-of-service reliability, day after day, month after month, year after year?
    The first Arm-Cleaners delivered more than 4 years ago have not been returned to after sales service, nor have they asked for wear parts. The Arm-Cleaner is self-contained and oversized: all the materials used in the Arm’Cleaner are commercial standard industrial elements (304L stainless steel profiles and food plastics).
    The movements of the moving parts are of the reciprocating type and of low stresses, producing very low wear.


  • You need to increase or improve the bacteriological quality of your conveyors?
    Ex: Intralox type conveyor on freezer + fat: the impact of a nozzle 15 ° -40L / min is very> 10 nozzles 20 ° -10L / min. On the other hand, an automatic device is more regular and reliable than a human arm. Winning on both tables, time and quality, is possible with the Arm’Cleaner. The calibration of the jet, its speed of movement and its distance from the surface to be cleaned are essential for effective cleaning.


  • You need to increase your productivity on some products?
    Ex.: Effective continuous cleaning of a clogged oven mat will reduce gluing and therefore loss of material. Also, the Arm’Cleaner will save you time when changing products.


  • You want to reduce occupational diseases, due to repetitive gestures (MSDs)?
    Repetitive gestures on a conveyor cleaning (usually during a long time) generate wrist-to-shoulder problems at MT / LT. Cleaning generates a lot of muscular stresses, why not reduce them… The occupational disease costs are not negligible and are a lever for growth.


  • You need a particular positioning of your mat cleaner?
    The Arm’Cleaner can be positioned on top as below, as well as between strips. It can be positioned inside a freezer. The average footprint is about 30-40cm in height and about the width of the conveyor / 2 (length of the movable arm). This arm can be attached to one side if you want clearance above the conveyor.
    The Arm’Cleaner can be in mobile form with multiple configurations.
    Rare are the cases where one can not find an installation solution of the Arm’Cleaner.


  • You need a simple device in operation and adjustment?
    The Arm’Cleaner operates from 4-5 bars to more than 100 bars. Its design is hygienic.
    Adjustment of the speed of the Arm’Cleaner is done simply without keys: turn 2 knobs (G and D) and adjust 2 stops. The installation is simple and does not require millimetric accuracy.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any advice.


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